How to use :

  1. Type /powa, to open the effect browser
  2. Click on the button "New" to create a new effect
  3. On the effect editor, you can choose the texture to apply to the effect, the position, the size, the symmetry, be creative :P
  4. Below, select the activator of the effect (like a buff, debuff, etc...)
  5. Enter the name of the buff, debuff... just below (or a part of the buff, like "clear" for activation with the buff "clear cast"). Don't forget to read the tooltips for more help on ways to enter the names
  6. Move the aura into position with the mouse (more details (English) plus de détail (français))
  7. It's ready ! Close all windows, when you gain the buff/debuff, the effect appears
Tips :
  1. If you are trying to match an unknown buff/debuff (including procs) then use the /powa showbuffs or /powa showdebuffs to show a list on you (or your target)


Web Based

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Note some of these tutorials reference older versions of Power Auras so some adaptation/ interpretation is required's Power Auras 101. Visit their forums to suggest topics for a future Power Auras 102!

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