Beta testing has finished for now, thanks for all your feed-back.


Download the beta from here:

Backup all your auras to a text file (using export set or copying your WTF files) as this may not be stable!

Please put any bugs / comments etc. in the discussion tab of this page

If you have been testing earlier betas (than beta-9) then your timers and stacks may be out of position and the wrong size. If you reload your auras from your saves set that you made before starting beta testing then this should now be resolved. Otherwise you will just need to move & resize them manually.

New things to test:

  • New Aura Textures
    • 5 new ones 141-145

  • New Auras
    • Pet (not new but still not tested enough)
    • Runes (not new but still not tested enough)
    • Totems (not new but still not tested enough)
    • Equipment Slot (e.g. Trinket0)
    • Named Item (e.g. Hearthstone)
    • Tracking (e.g. Sense Undead)

  • New Settings
    • + / - buttons on Aura slider
    • Stacks and Timers can now be set relative to the aura
    • Many sliders now have finer steps
    • Rotation animation speeds rescaled so they can go much slower
    • New graphical equipment slot selector
    • Role detection (Tank, Healer, MeleDPS, RangedDPS)
    • Runes can optional ignore Death runes
    • Text auras can add substitution codes
      • %n or %t - Target Name
      • %f - Focus name
      • %v - Aura value (e.g. buff name)
      • %u - Unit name aura is associated with
      • %str - your strength
      • %agi - your agility
      • %sta - your stamina
      • %spi - your spirit
      • %int - your intelligence
      • %sp - your Spell Power
      • %ap - your Attack Power
      • %df - your defence
        • So for a general Spell Alert Aura you could use %u is casting %v

  • Bug Fixes
    • Stacks not showing
    • All aura elements should now hide with ALT-Z
    • Target buffs/debuffs being mistakenly checked when should only be for group
    • French Localisations updated

You can check my latest code here:

If you are happy with lua coding then feel free to create a fork and fix any bugs (there are a few coding docs on left, which need updating)